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A prestigious inner circle of leading sales & marketing professionals.

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Welcome! You have reached our By Invitation Only exclusive VIP program for the world's top sales and marketing professional leaders. I count it an honor to include you in the SMEI President's Circle where you can share our passion for the profession and contribute to SMEI's mission.

SMEI is an organization of exceptional leaders, banded together to influence the next generation of sales and marketing professionals.

Eighty five years ago our founders had 20/20 vision to establish sales & marketing as a profession. Today, you can be part of that vision as a member of our 2020 SMEI President's Circle and help shape the future.  We will be specifically inviting you to participate in research to determine competency standards for sales and marketing professionals.
Willis Turner, CAE CME CSE, President & CEO

  • Executive Memberships for your sales and/or marketing leaders
  • Professional Memberships for sales & marketing staff 
  • Discounts on Certification Courses 
  • Pass for Executive Conference* 
  • Access to educational video library
  • 100s of online courses
  • Online forums
  • Scheduled Expert Chat Sessions
  • Premium Recognition
  • Student Scholarship Credits

SMEI supports full-time students seeking a future in the sales and marketing profession through our scholarship fund. Your scholarship contribution will be recognized on an annual basis.

Your Membership Includes Student Scholarship Recognition

Your Membership Can Include Access to Survey Input

SMEI conducts semi-annual quantitative surveys of its members. As a member of the President's Platinum Circle, your organization has access to input of quantitative queries subject to space and approval.

Your Membership Includes Access to Professional Certification

SMEI offers 4 distinct professional certification programs. Your employees can earn a digital badge to show they've met a global standard of professionalism by successfully completing a certification exam. SMEI has several paths to preparing for an exam including interactive online courses.

Your Membership Includes Premium Recognition

The SMEI President's Circle members are recognized in an exclusive online directory published on the SMEI website. Platinum Circle members are recognized with a scrolling company logo marquee on the SMEI home page. A press release will be issued for you and your company when you join.

You could be entitled to these President's Circle Benefits

SMEI is a New York registered non-profit association, proudly serving our members around the world since 1935

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